Star Girl: Valentine Hearts

Star Girl: Valentine Hearts 3.8

Become a superstar in this Valentines edition of the fashion RPG

Star Girl: Valentine Hearts is a fashion role playing game in which your mission is to be a successful and beautiful pop star, model, or actress.

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  • Lots to do
  • Fun social features
  • Eye-catching graphics
  • Meet famous guys in the game


  • Often forces you to wait while it loads updates
  • Confusing to play at first


Star Girl: Valentine Hearts is a fashion role playing game in which your mission is to be a successful and beautiful pop star, model, or actress.

Get dressed for success

This Valentines edition follows the same formula as other Star Girl games from Animoca. The basic idea is that you live the life of an aspiring girl about town. You must take care of her wardrobe, meet boys, find a job, and make friends. 

Star Girl: Valentine Hearts plays much like the other games, except it's littered with love-themed backgrounds and fashion items.

How to play Star Girl

Although the concept itself of cultivating a glamorous pop star may be very shallow, Star Girl: Valentine Hearts is full of depth as a game. It's much more than just playing dressing up.

Once you explore beyond the closet, you'll find mini games, flirting quests, and career development with objectives based around winning awards. There are social features too, including a 'Star Chat' online chat room. A word of warning about this chat room: you talk to a pre-programmed bot rather than real people. However, that's not to say content will be suitable for young children depending on what subjects come up.

You also have the ability to visit your Star Girl friends' houses and take photos with them, which you can share with others. 

Navigating all of the various elements of Star Girl: Valentine Hearts can be a bit daunting. It lacks a proper in-game tutorial to walk you through the basics as you can end up a bit lost at first.

Of course your success in Star Girl: Valentine Hearts can be accelerated greatly by spending money: either for new clothes, to speed up the progress of your relationships, get ahead in jobs, etc. However, there's so much going on that it's possible to have fun in the game without spending money.

Glamorous graphics

Star Girl: Valentine Hearts is very sugary in its presentation. If you're not a fan of pink, trust me, you won't like this game. However, if you love glamor, hearts, flowers and glitter you'll be in your element.

The upbeat dance music might not be to everyone's tastes, and is likely to give you a headache if you're over the age of 16!

Star quality

If you're a wannabe fashionista or an aspiring pop star you're sure to enjoy Star Girl: Valentines Hearts. Be warned though: success can come at a price - be it the time or the money you need to invest in the game.

Celebrate romance and Valentine’s Day wearing cute dresses and fashionable accessories! Outshine everyone as the prettiest diva in beauty pageants, and meet your dream date for the day of hearts and cupids. Make your way to the top as a pop star, model, or actress in the hit social fashion RPG.

Valentine's is around the corner and cupids are abuzz! Celebrate the day of hearts in high fashion, meet new friends, and find the man of your dreams for a perfect, romantic date. Compete and judge other contestants in Valentine's-themed beauty pageants, aiming for the highest number of votes to be crowned the winner! Find out what it takes to be a star---whether through singing, acting, or modeling, you get to strut your stuff in the career of your choice. Work hard and you may just get featured on the covers of the most prestigious fashion magazines and win trophies in awards nights for your outstanding performances!

Be the queen of hearts this Valentine's! Download Star Girl: Valentine Hearts now!

Features: - No need to start from scratch! Carry over your Star Girl data through your Facebook account! - Valentine's day themed locale, clothes, and accessories - Compete in a fabulous beauty contest against other Star Girl users. - Become a trendsetter with over 500+ clothes, accessories and makeup - Flirt and go on dates with famous celebrities - Awesome mini games that offer cool prizes - Work as a singer, actor and model and win prestigious awards - Add stylish friends, and visit them whenever you like - Show off your striking outfits on various social networking sites - Find the guy of your dreams and go out on dates - Take memorable photos with your virtual boyfriend and share it online!

Star Girl: Valentine Hearts


Star Girl: Valentine Hearts 3.8

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