Snipshot 1.0

Superb online graphics editor extension


  • Easy to use
  • Edits quickly in real time
  • You don't require a third party graphics editor


  • Functions are very limited


With Web 2.0 applications really taking shape now, image editors are going to be one area which will see a lot of innovation. Snipshot is one of the most impressive I've tried yet as it lets you do away with opening a separate graphics editing program for simple edits. There are five functions you can perform once an image has been imported - undo, re-size, crop, rotate and adjust. You can then save it in GIF or JPG format and even upload it to your Flickr account.

You can upload images from your computer or you can enter the Web address of any photo online which Snipshot will isolate and allow you to edit. Once installed, it appears in your browser right-click context menu so you simply click on the image and select "edit in Snipshot.". Don't worry about damaging your image - the original remains untouched and the site keeps a record of it for 24 hours too. Any errors you do make can be solved with a simple click of "undo". There's nothing much more to it than that - all the functions work in the same way as any other graphics editor and in real-time.

This is a superb program that's great for those who want to make simple edits, but don't want to be overwhelmed by a stand alone graphics editor.

Snipshot lets you quickly import a picture from any web page while browsing and edit it online

Add Snipshot to your Firefox or IE right-click context menu with options to enhance and resize straightaway.



Snipshot 1.0

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