Sniper 2.05

Average Joe or elite sniper? The choice is yours!

This program can no longer be downloaded

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  • Easy to play
  • Different points for leg, body, head shots
  • Controlled via the accelerometer


  • Simple graphics
  • Not very sensitive
  • Bad music!


This program can no longer be downloaded

Sniper is a fairly basic but engaging sniper game for your Android.

As you might have guessed, Sniper sees you as a sniper trying to take down terrorists threatening the peace of your city. You’ll need nerves of steel - see a terrorist and tap the screen where you want to shoot. A sight will appear, and you correct your aim by tilting the phone back and forth. This might feel slow, but remember that moving a phone and aiming a sniper rifle aren’t exactly the same thing. Tap the trigger the bottom right corner to shoot.

The aim of Sniper is to take down as many terrorists as possible in a limited time. There's a timer and a health indicator, and if you kill all the terrorists before time runs out, you'll progress to the next level. Sniper comes with basic help, and there’s an online community where you'll be able to add your scores and view other players’.

Sniper is a fun game even though it's not very advanced. The graphics are a bit simple, and at times we thought that the controls weren't very sensitive, especially when it comes to pulling the trigger. We didn't enjoy the game’s music either, but despite these faults, Sniper's still an original, interesting prospect and a good game for your Android phone.

As far as being a killer goes, snipers are really cool. Have all the fun and none of the moral dilemma with Sniper.



Sniper 2.05

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