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Very good
Although it's not something that most of us give any thought to, reloading a webpage can be a boring task if it needs to be done frequently. Let Reload Every make the job easier.

Reload Every is an add-on for Firefox that allows you to automatically refresh your browser at a given frequency. Although this may sound a bit useless at first glance, it is actually very handy if you want to buy tickets for a popular event, for example, or follow a sporting game or stock results on the net.

There is no user interface to speak of when using Reload Every; the user right clicks on the page and navigates via the menu that appears. There are a selection of pre-chosen refresh options, or you can program your own, right down to the second. The refresh options can then be applied to a single tab, all of them, or be disabled completely. Reload Every has no other configuration options or help file, but fairly complete support (although the program is so simple that I doubt you'd need any) is available through the developer's website.

You might not need to use Reload Every on a daily basis, but as it is small and compact, it really won't bother you to install it and have it sit in the background until you need it. When you do, you'll be really grateful it's there!

Reload Every - efficient solution for a very specific issue.

Add support for Firefox 4.0 beta 1


  • Add support for Firefox 4.0 beta 1
Reload Every


Reload Every 4.0.0

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    it' very easy to do work..
    reload every is good thing & fast to do works.are you agree with me?
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