OpenBeak (was TwitterBerry) 1.2

Access Twitter on your BlackBerry


  • Easy to use
  • Camera integration (in newer versions of BlackBerry OS)
  • Search functionality


  • Bland interface

TwitterBerry was one of the first Twitter apps, and as such it once had a large following. Since then, countless other programs have joined the fray, meaning that TwitterBerry moved down the pecking order.

OpenBeak is the new name for TwitterBerry, and is designed to be a more powerful solution than its predecessor, while retaining its ease of use. As soon as you load OpenBeak, you're presented with a blank 'What are you doing?' screen, where you can jot down your thoughts to share with the Twitterverse. But if you don't feel like talking, there's plenty more you can do by hitting the menu key.

You can peruse your friends, yours and the public timeline, then reply to posts, retweet them, or add them to favorites, all with just a couple of clicks. OpenBeak makes it easy to follow and unfollow people and the app lets you search Twitter by keyword or via current trending topics.

Another neat feature of OpenBeak is its integrated camera support on devices running BlackBerry OS 4.6+. You can take a picture and then instantly post it to yfrog, Twitgoo, TwitPic or Zannel with a minimal amount of hassle.

There are some useful configuration settings within OpenBeak, such as the ability to change the font size, which I would recommend because the default size is far too big. You can also choose to view timelines in fixed or variable size.

On the downside, the user interface in OpenBeak is pretty bland, and the app is still lacking in advanced features. For instance, you can't access user profiles through the app at present.

OpenBeak is an improvement on TwitterBerry but it's still not quite as comprehensive as it should be.



OpenBeak (was TwitterBerry) 1.2

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