Send private information that self-deletes after one read


  • Easy to use
  • Send an encrypted one-time-read message to anyone
  • Copy message URL to your clipboard in one click


  • Accidentally reloading the message deletes it
  • 1000 character message limit

9 is a free message encryption service that lets you send private messages to anyone on the web.

If you've ever needed to send a friend or family member a username, password or other important information, you've probably considered the security risk of doing so via text or regular email. provides a perfect solution by allowing you to share confidential information privately and securely. doesn't require registration of any kind. Instead, it simply lets you type in your message of 1000 characters or less. Once done, it will generate a link that you can send to whoever you want to receive the message. also allows you to copy the link to a clipboard for convenience.

This link is good for one click only. That means if you accidentally click it yourself, you won't be able to send it to anyone else. Alternatively, if whoever you send it to refreshes the page, the message will be lost as well. While this ensure security, it also requires caution on the part of the receiver so they don't end up deleting the message before they've read it. is a great solution that lets you send private information securely online.

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