MYAndroid Protection

MYAndroid Protection 2.0.1

Secure your mobile with this antivirus, anti-theft and backup tool


  • Efficient virus scanner
  • Backs up contacts to the SD card or web
  • Multi-function anti-theft feature


  • You can't specify individual folders of drives to scan
  • No firewall

Very good

MYAndroid Protection is a security suite designed to help you guard against viruses, back up your contacts, and even find your phone if it gets lost.

The Antivirus section of MYAndroid Protection allows you to scan your Android phone for viruses. Scans are generally very quick, and the tool includes a real-time monitor that keeps an eye out for incoming viruses. Unfortunately, it's not possible to specify individual folders, or choose whether you want MYAndroid Protection to scan just the SD card or just the internal memory - it always does both.

MYAndroid Protection features a Backup option for protecting the contacts that are stored on your phone. It's really handy because it means you don't lose your contacts if something happens to your phone. You can choose to back up the contacts to your SD card, or register for an online account and save them on the web.

The AntiTheft feature in MYAndroid Protection safeguards you against the loss or theft of your phone. With the utility enabled you can locate your phone via GPS, delete personal content remotely, lock your phone, or set off an alarm. All of this is done via SMS, and full details are listed MYAndroid Protection. Of course, you won't have access to these instructions if your phone goes missing though, so remember to write the codes down!

Unlike the Symbian version, MYMobile Protection, this app doesn't include a personal firewall. However, MYAndroid Protection is very useful for protecting the data on your phone and guarding against viruses.

MYAndroid Protection


MYAndroid Protection 2.0.1

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    Simple to use.
    The best. Perfect support too and in many language!.   More

  • by Anonymous

    A super app! .
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