Blackberry Email Relay

Blackberry Email Relay 1.3

Intelligent email manager for your Blackberry handheld

If you're like many Blackberry users, you have your desktop email forwarded to your Blackberry, and most likely at the ISP level. This means that ALL email that gets sent to your main email address gets copied to your Blackberry.

But what about when you're in the office, at your computer, or otherwise have access to your email? You don't need email to be forwarded to your Blackberry then, but you have no choice. It gets sent anyway needlessly using up portions of your data plan.

Depending on the volume of email you get, this can mean that you have to subscribe to higher or unlimited data plans because you have no way to adequately control how and when email gets sent to your device.

The Blackberry Email Relay downloads email from any number of POP3 email accounts, and forwards it to your Blackberry. What's the difference? It runs on your computer, and gives you full control of what gets sent, and when it gets sent. It even has a Spam filter that prevents unwanted email from getting to your device and costing you money.

One key feature is that it remotely allows you to stop/suspend email from being delivered to your device by sending an email with a customizable command in the message subject. Another command allows you to start having emails sent to your device again.

While in suspended mode, the emails that the program receives are logged and removed from the POP account so that when email sending is resumed, you don't get flooded with emails.

Key features of the program include:

  • You can remotely stop/resume emails from being sent to your device
  • Logs all emails received
  • Set the interval to check your POP accounts
  • Can receive email from any number of POP accounts
  • Use filters to reduce the amount of emails sent to your device
  • Send Level 1 Notifications to your Blackberry
  • Can trim the email to any number of characters
  • Allows you to just send the subject of a messages to reduce data, and then selectively receive the full text of any message
  • Execute any program on your computer
  • Allows you to send any file within your My Documents folder to any email address
  • Spam control
  • You can remotely request a list of emails received but not sent to your device, because of Spam or a filter. Then remotely request one of these emails to be sent to your device
  • "Off-Line" mode allows you to receive emails even when the program is not running on your desktop

A serious Blackberry email relay solution.

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Blackberry Email Relay


Blackberry Email Relay 1.3

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