The Softonic Minute: Whatsapp, Professional Farmer, Facebook and Microsoft

The Softonic Minute: Whatsapp, Professional Farmer, Facebook and Microsoft

WhatsApp is optimized for iOS 7, the Professional Farmer 2014 demo is released, Facebook and other social media site passwords get stolen, and Windows ‘Threshold’ is rumored for 2015. Find out all of this week’s hottest software news in the Softonic Minute.

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WhatsApp updated with new iOS 7 design

It was one of the last major apps to get an update, but WhatsApp has finally migrated to the flat design of iOS 7. The WhatsApp update also includes the ability to crop photos before sending, location sharing using 3D maps, and larger image previews. Download WhatsApp for iPhone.

Free demo out now for Professional Farmer 2014

If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to be a farmer, you now have the chance to try it out with the free demo of Professional Farmer 2014. The game was released last week by United Independent Entertainment, responsible for the Agricultural Simulator games. It includes all the basics in the world of farming, and if you like the demo, the game is already available for purchase too. Download the free demo for Professional Farmer 2014.

Over 2 million passwords stolen in malware attack

Two million passwords have been stolen from services like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and LinkedIn. If your account was affected, it would have already been disabled by the service, but we would still recommend taking a look at strengthening your password, as well as using two-step verification.

Rumor: Windows project ‘Threshold’ coming in 2015

Code-named Threshold from the game series Halo, the new version of Windows is expected to arrive mid 2015. Its main objective is to integrate the app stores of Windows Phone and Xbox One to create a fully unified system. Threshold won’t be the name of a single new version of Windows, rather a range of developments being pushed to all platforms.

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