Fortnite S7: All Forbidden Locations Challenge (with map)

As part of Fortnite Season 7’s Week One challenges, players are tasked with dancing at seven different “Forbidden Locations” around the map. The challenge doesn’t offer any explanation of what these locations look like or where they might be, but we’ve tracked them all down so that this challenge doesn’t have to be a pain to complete.

Fortnite S7: All Forbidden Locations Challenge

So far, we’ve managed to track down 12 of these Forbidden Locations across the Battle Royale map. You’re looking for a small sign with a clearly marked “No Dancing” symbol on it. This marks the so-called “Forbidden” location, and all you have to do to complete the challenge is position yourself in front of the sign and start dancing. Do this at seven locations, and that’s the challenge complete.

Location 1: Wailing Woods North

fortnite ice cream truck

Heading north out of the woods, look for a small hill with an ice cream truck perched atop. The sign is next to the truck.

Location 2: Wailing Woods Northwest

fortnite wailing woods rocks

Just at the edge of the woods, you’ll be able to find a cliff with a ramp, abandoned car, and rocky outcropping of some sort. Look for the sign next to this bit of rock.

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Location 3: Lazy Links

lazy links gazebo fortnite

Head into the main golf club area and find the gazebo in the middle of the pond. The sign is inside.

Location 4: Salty Springs North

fortnite dusty divot mountain

You’ll want to find the vertical, pillar-looking mountain located to the north of Salty Springs and close to the edge of Dusty Divot. You’ll have to get to one of the cliffs on the northern side to find this sign.

Location 5: Dusty Divot

fortnite dusty divot edge

This one is fairly easy to find. Head to the northern edge of the crater and look for some wreckage and a zip line. The sign is right against the edge.

Location 6: Loot Lake

fortnite loot lake

The easternmost island in Loot Lake marks the location of this sign, perched at the top of some of the cube wreckage from Season 6.

Location 7: Pleasant Park South

fortnite pleasant park mountain

This one is easiest to get to by dropping directly onto it. You’re looking for the mountain south of Pleasant Park topped by a ring of distinctive white trees. The sign is located inside the ring of trees.

Location 8: Southwest Corner

fortnite southwest glacier

You’ll have to head to the very southwestern-most corner of the map to find this sign. It’s the only thing out there, so it’s pretty easy to spot.

Location 9: Frosty Flights Southeast

fortnite polar camp

To the northeast of Location 8 is a hill with a campsite and biplane spawn on top of it. You can easily walk there from the previous location and you’ll find the sign in the campsite.

Location 10: Paradise Palms Race Track

fortnite taco stand

Look for the Taco Stand near buildings on the western side of the track to find this sign.

Location 11: Paradise Palms South

fortnite cactus mesa

This easy-to-find sign is atop a mesa to the south of Paradise Palms, encircled with a ring of cacti.

Location 12: Junk Junction

fortnite junk junction llama

The last sign is located right at the feet of the giant metal llama northwest of Junk Junction.

Check out our map below for the precise locations of all of these signs.

fortnite forbidden locations map

Once you’ve visited and danced in seven of these locations, you can check this challenge off your list.

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